Tianshu Huang

Tianshu Huang

About Me

I'm an ECE student at UT Austin interested in Data Science and Embedded Systems. Specifically, I'm interested in using data science techniques (especially machine learning) to engage in real time decision making.

I have work experience as a data engineer / full stack developer, and am currently a Test Analysis Systems Consultant at SLD Laser. My favorite language is Python, but I am also fluent in C/C++ and JavaScript, with working proficiency in ARM Assembly, Java, and SQL.

You can contact me at tianshu.huang@utexas.edu.


You can see my full resume here.
University of Texas at Austin
GPA: 4.00
Aug 2017 - Present
  • Theory of Probability (Graduate)
  • Geometric Foundations of Data Science (Graduate)
  • Real Analysis I, II
  • Introduction to Embedded Systems
  • Computer Architecture
  • Digital Logic Design
  • Algorithms
  • Linear Signals
Registered Fall 2019:
  • Probability and Stochastic Processes I (Graduate)
  • Operating Systems
  • Automatic Control
Texas A&M University
Concurrent enrollment while attending high school
May 2016 - Aug 2017
Work Experience
Test Analysis Systems Consultant
SLD Laser
Aug 2018 - Present
Full Stack Developer Intern
SLD Laser
June 2018 - Aug 2018


ScriptingPython | Javascript
CompiledC | C++ | Rust | Java
OtherARM Assembly | Verilog
Libraries and Frameworks
WebDjango | Celery | D3.js | Node.js
Data ScienceOpenCV | Numpy | SciKit-Learn
WebApache | RabbitMQ | MySQL / MariaDB / Sqlite
Version ControlSubversion | Git (Github, Self-hosted Gitlab)
OS and System ManagementUbuntu / Ubuntu Server | FreeBSD | Virtualbox ESXi | FreeRadius
Embedded Systems and Hardware
Board DesignEagleCAD | Board Fabrication (OtherMill)
MechanicalCAD (SolidWorks, Sketchup) | 3D Printing

Data Science & Engineering

SLD Blue Cloud | SLD Laser

  • Interactive visualizations of laser test data
  • Full stack web app using Djano and d3.js

Fast Random Features

  • Application of Random Features for Large Scale Kernel Machines (Rahimi & Recht, 2008) to data with dimensionality 10 times higher than previous attempts
  • Matched accuracy of Kernel SVM in IDC Classification with a 100-fold speed increase


  • Linear and Kernel Eigenface implementations; project for Geometric Foundations of Data Science
  • Implements input space recovery method described by S. Mika et al, "Kernel PCA and De-Noising in Feature Spaces"

Embedded Systems

UT RAS Region V Robotics

  • Working on a task involving OpenCV, SLAM, and swarms
  • Set up GitHub-based workflow for 15+ developers including pull requests and code reviews

Rock Band | Embedded Systems Final Project

  • Rock Band on the TM4C (ARM Cortex M4; 80MHz, 32KB RAM)
  • 44.1kHz audio from SD
  • Hand-soldered, error-matched resistor DAC
  • N-player multiplayer

Serial Vis

  • Library for serial driven visual debug output
  • Pause, skip forward, skip backwards, or even set triggers to automatically pause


pyc3b: Python LC3b Assembler

  • Fully featured LC3b assembler written in python
  • Informative error message and side-by-side assembly output

Simple Radius

  • Django Integration for FreeRadius
  • Simple and easy until you find out your router doesn't support EAP-MD5 or TLS

SSH Management

  • Manage multiple SSH devices simulatenously, or even programmatically
  • Written for Region V Robotics' swarm management


  • Python dynamic module loader with global variable management
  • Uses various overloading tricks to create a convenient command-line calculator


File Explorer Utility for Sublime Text

  • Plugin for Sublime Text 3
  • Emulates Emacs' Ctrl-x Ctrl-f behavior

Divider creation utility for Sublime Text

  • Plugin for Sublime Text 3
  • Create nicely-formatted dividers



  • Python library to integrate ANSI escape codes and PyFiglet


  • Python machine learning task management library
  • Multiprocessing and multithreading pool implementations


  • Low-discrepancy sequence sampling in Python using Halton and Hammersley sequences


You can contact me at tianshu.huang@utexas.edu.
My public key can be found here.