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I enjoy creating ludicrously large panoramas by taking many pictures and assembling them in Photoshop. For the largest panoramas, I use a 70-300mm lens, and take each image at maximum zoom. Using this technique, I've been able to take panoramas up to 56,000 pixels wide with file sizes over 600MB.

With such a high resolution, images have interesting details at any scale. See if you can find where these detail patches came from!

Click on a panorama to see the entire image (some parts of the panoramas are cut off due to varying aspect ratios). Full size images are available on request. All images CC BY-NC 4.0.
360 Degree View at Mushroom Rocks Fall River Pass, Colorado
47952 x 3555 f/7.1 1/250s ISO-100 32mm
Continental Divide Fall River Pass, Colorado
23359 x 3321 f/7.1 1/200s ISO-100 34mm
On the Edge of Inclement Weather Fall River Pass, Colorado
32772 x 3749 f/5.0 1/640s ISO-100 48mm
Saddle Point (Looking East) Mount Chapin, Colorado
13720 x 3497 f/9.0 1/320s ISO-100 26mm
View of San Francisco Coyote Hills, California
22715 x 2723 f/6.3 1/2000s ISO-250 300mm
Marsh in Coyote Hills (North) Coyote Hills, California
56554 x 3743 f/7.1 1/800s ISO-200 85mm
Marsh in Coyote Hills (East) Coyote Hills, California
36651 x 3825 f/7.1 1/800s ISO-200 70mm
Sunrise Over Enchanted Rock Enchanted Rock, Texas
31681 x 3463 f/6.3 1/80s ISO-100 24mm
Sunset by the Rio Grande Arroyo Seco, New Mexico
18817 x 3578 f/6.3 1/200s ISO-160 300mm
Pueblo Peak at Night Arroyo Seco, New Mexico
19097 x 4012 f/6.3 15s ISO-3200 70mm
Pueblo Peak at Late Noon Arroyo Seco, New Mexico
30000 x 5336 f/5.6 1/320s ISO-100 70mm
Ridge at Far Noon Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico
16307 x 3888 f/10.0 1/320s ISO-400 110mm