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Data Science Python CUDA Library

GPU GeoStat ▸ TAMU Construction Science

  • GPU implementation of IDW and other geostatistical interpolation techniques
  • Integration with Folium to draw interactive interpolation maps
Data Science Python C/C++ PyPI:bmcc Library R

BMCC ▸ TAMU Statistics

  • Implementation of Markov Chain Monte Carlo Bayesian Clustering techniques
  • Mixture models include DPM (Dirichlet Process Mixture Models; Neal, 2000) and MFM (Mixture of Finite Mixtures; Miller & Harrison, 2018))
  • Abstract Mixture Model and Component Model API
  • R and Python Package
Data Science Python

Decoding by LP

  • Implementation of "Decoding by Linear Programming" (E. J. Candes, T. Tao, 2004)
Computer Architecture Utility Python Assembly


  • Fully featured LC3b assembler written in python
  • Informative error message and side-by-side assembly output
Sublime Text 3 Plugin Python Utility


  • Rewrite of explorer: emulates Emacs' Ctrl-x Ctrl-f behavior in Sublime Text 3
  • Additional macros for various shortcuts on the file explorer shell
Utility Python


  • Python dynamic module loader with global variable management
  • Uses various overloading tricks to create a convenient command-line calculator
PyPI:printtools Python Library


  • Python library to integrate ANSI escape codes and PyFiglet
  • Install with pip install printtools
PyPI:syllabus Data Science Python Library


  • Python machine learning task management library
  • Multiprocessing and multithreading pool implementations
  • Install with pip install syllabus
Data Science Class Project Python

Fast Random Features ▸ Data Science Final Project

  • Application of Random Features for Large Scale Kernel Machines (Rahimi & Recht, 2008) to data with dimensionality 10 times higher than previous attempt
  • Matched accuracy of Kernel SVM in IDC Classification with a 100-fold speed increase
Sublime Text 3 Plugin Python Utility

Divider Creation Plugin

  • Plugin for Sublime Text 3
  • Create nicely-formatted dividers and large ASCII-art headings
Data Science Class Project Python

Eigenfaces ▸ Data Science Project

  • Linear and Kernel Eigenface implementations; project for Geometric Foundations of Data Science
  • Implements input space recovery method described by S. Mika et al, "Kernel PCA and De-Noising in Feature Spaces"
Data Science Python Library

Sample ▸ Data Science Project

  • Low-discrepancy sequence sampling in Python using Halton and Hammersley sequences
Utility Python

SSH Batch Management

  • Manage multiple SSH devices simulatenously, or even programmatically
  • Written for Region V Robotics' swarm management
Embedded Systems Data Science Python C/C++

Region V Robotics ▸ UT IEEE RAS

  • Developed computer vision algorithms and navigation algorithms for an autonomous swarm
  • Set up GitHub-based workflow for 15+ developers including pull requests and code reviews
Web Python Utility

Simple Radius

  • Django Integration for FreeRadius
  • Simple and easy until you find out your router doesn't support EAP-MD5 or TLS
Web Data Science Python JavaScript

SLD Blue Cloud ▸ SLD Laser

  • Interactive visualizations of laser test data
  • Full stack web app using Djano and d3.js
Embedded Systems Class Project C/C++

Rock Band ▸ Embedded Systems Final Project

  • Rock Band on the TM4C (ARM Cortex M4; 80MHz, 32KB RAM)
  • 44.1kHz audio from SD
  • Hand-soldered, error-matched resistor DAC
  • N-player multiplayer
Sublime Text 3 Plugin Python Utility

File Explorer Utility

  • Plugin for Sublime Text 3
  • Emulates Emacs' Ctrl-x Ctrl-f behavior
Embedded Systems Library Python

Serial Vis

  • Library for serial driven visual debug output
  • Pause, skip forward, skip backwards, or even set triggers to automatically pause